David C. Stroh founded ACCI in 1975.  David started his telecommunications career in 1962.  In the early 80's, see the merging of computers and telecommunications, he began working with Networks, Servers, Workstation and integration of telephones and computers.  (Click  for Bio)    E-Mail  dstroh@acci-cti.com 

Stedman "Sted" Stewart, P.E. One of the few licensed telecommunications engineers in the State of Colorado.  Sted provides technical support and integration solutions to ACCI's customers while he continues to operate his engineering company and management and support to his Web Hosting Service and Internet Service Provider services. (Click  for Bio)  E-Mail  stewart@acci-cti.com 

William "Bill" Fraser, Bill has been an enormous influence and support to ACCI and many other companies and individuals in the industry.  Bill passed away October 29th, 2002.  He was a Founding Member of North American Telecommunications Association (NATA), established the largest Independent Telephone Company in the early 70's in the United States operating in one location in Denver Colorado.  Extensive knowledge of the transcends Telecommunications, Computers and Web Service.  Overall business development, promotion and administration skills and experience offers extensive business development and operations consulting.

John Holmgren is a Master Certified Novell Engineer and Certified Novell Trainer.  Besides Novell, John offers a wide range of Computer and Data Hardware expertise and solutions.  John has traveled world wide in deployment of his services to include Main Land China and Phoenix.  (Click  for Bio)  E-Mail  johnh@acci.com 

Raymond Underell, former owner and CEO of American Telephone Exchange, a national telecommunications consulting and brokerage company (est. 1978).  As a senior level corporate negotiator, specializing in the convergence of information technology, Ray provides concept/solutions for multiple locations, Nationally and Internationally.  His clientele is multi-cultural in diverse industries throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.  (Click  for Bio)     E-Mail  runderell@acci-cti.com 

Tyler Stroh is beginning his telecommunications and computer experience.  He currently is providing installation support of cable, wire and termination of equipment.  E-Mail  tyler@acci-cti.com 

James "Trent" Long has over 10 years experience implementing and servicing networks, computers and telecommunications services.  Trent began his formal training with  the United States Air Force.  Trent's interests include Business Equipment integration as well as WEB page design.  E-Mail   jtlong@acci-cti.com 

Stephanie Stroh started her telecommunications career in 1981 designing system solutions for business customers of Key and PBX system.  She offers the unique ability to effectively communicate with systems users to enable them to quickly learn how to use system features.  Stephanie currently provides provisioning of circuits between telephone company carriers on a national and international basis.  Her hands on experience over the past 10 years on provisioning, coupled with her personality enables her to effectively coordinate, often difficult relationships between carriers and their successful interconnection of services.  (Click for Bio)   E-Mail  sstroh@acci-cti.com 

Aaron Whitaker started his telecommunication career in 1997 installing wire and cable for both computer and telecommunications system.  Aaron has attended a number of training programs and now installs and programs a number of different telephone and voice mail systems.  E-Mail  aaronw@acci-cti.com 

D. F. Nibler, P.C., is a Certified Public Accounting.  Dan Nibler, owner of the practice is ACCI's account.  D. F. Nibler utilizes ACCI as a sub-contractor and systems provider for their clients who have technical needs to include telephone and computer network and system consultation.  The firm is available to ACCI's clients to aid in evaluation of financial considerations of various system solutions.  E-Mail  nibler@acci.com